Charles Holdefer
"I'm an agnostic," the British poet Philip
Larkin (1922-1985) used to say, "an
Anglican agnostic, of course."

The idiosyncratic unbelief that Philip
Larkin made his own in a distinguished
writing career spanning five decades is
typically mediated by an engaging play of
bluff and counter-bluff, as seen in his
almost mock metaphysics.

What Larkin is resisting in his writings,
how this is a achieved, and why his texts
tend to such complex ends, are among
the questions explored by the thirteen
specialists in this first
thematically-unified volume of Larkin
scholarship published in France.

Research support provided by the
FORELL (EA 3816)

A Sereia by Ricardo
Esteves (c
Philip Larkin and the Poetics of

Andrew McKeown and Charles Holdefer,

Paris: L'Harmattan
  ISBN 2-7475-9779-2
"A valuable contribution to
the further development of
Larkin studies"
The European English Messenger
"Highly original"

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