Charles Holdefer

“A minor-league ball player tries to find
peace and the pastoral life as a school-
teacher, but gets a rude awakening
when confronted by meth heads, kids
with serious bullying issues, and
industrial pork farms. After starting an
affair with the mother of one of his
students, he winds up in a world of
trouble he never could have imagined.
Holdefer, author of the superb psycho-
The Contractor (2007), about an
interrogator at a top-secret prison,
turns here to something very different,
writing with casual humor and a real
feel for expressing emotion that make
the novel thoroughly readable and the
characters immediately sympathetic.
Holdefer gives us reason to rethink
what a simple life looks like.”


“Holdefer’s satisfying, at times funny
novel describes a maturing pro athlete’
s often bumpy transition from youthful
dreams to mainstream American life.”

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