Charles Holdefer
Short story sampler

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Story of Ralph

The Leo Interview

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Anstett, Aaron, Moreover, Sagging
Meniscus, 2016 (from

Auslander, Philip, Performing Glam Rock,
Ann Arbor, UM Press, 2006 (from Cercles)

Banks, Russell, Lost Memory of Skin,
New York, Ecco, 2011 (from New York
Journal of Books

Brown, Clare, and Paterson, Don’t Ask
Me What I Mean:  Poets in Their Own
London, Picador, 2004 (from

Challens, Stephen, dir. King John,
Brussels Shakespeare Society,
Warehouse Studio Theatre,12 November
2010 (from
Shakespeare en devenir)

Darcleight, Danner, Concrete Carnival,
Permanent Press, 2016 (from

Durcan, Paul, The Art of Life,
London, Harvill Press, 2004 (from Cercles)

Ervin, Andrew, Extraordinary Renditions,
Coffee House Press, 2010 (from The

Gonzales, Manuel, The Miniature Wife and
Other Stories,
New York, Riverhead, 2013
New York Journal of Books)

Hawkins, Margaret, How To Survive a
Natural Disaster,
Sag Harbor, Permanent
Press, 2010 (from
Dactyl Review)

Khemiri, Jonas Hassen, Montecore: The
Silence of the Tiger,
New York, Knopf,
2011 (from
New York Journal of Books)

Krivak, Andrew, The Sojourn, New York,
Bellvue Literary Press, 2011 (from

Loving, Jerome, The Last Titan A LIfe of
Theodore Dreiser,
Berkeley, UC Press, 2005 (from Cercles)

Maksik, Alexander, You Deserve Nothing,
New York, Europa Editions, 2011 (from
New York Journal of Books)

Lychack, William, The Architect of
New York, Mariner, 2011 (from
New York Journal of Books)

Martin, Wendy, The Cambridge
Introduction to Emily Dickinson,
Cambridge University Press, 2007 (from

Mackiewicz, Józef, Road to Nowhere,
Chicago, Henry Regnery 1964 (from
Dactyl Review)

Monaghan, Nicole, ed., Stripped, PS
Books, 2012 (from
Dactyl Review)

Morrison, Toni, Home, Knopf, 2012 (from
New York Journal of Books)

Nieson, Marc, Schoolhouse, Ice Cube
Press, 2016 (from

Nunn, Trevor, dir. King Lear,
Royal Shakespeare Company,
New London Theatre, 24 November 2007
Shakespeare en devenir)

Reimringer, John, Vestments,
Minneapolis, Milkweed, 2010 (from Dactyl

Saunders, George, Tenth of December,
New York, Random House, 2013 (from
New York Journal of Books)

Scanlon, Suzanne, Her 37th Year, An
, Noemi Press, November 2015
Dactyl Review)

Schmahmann, David, The Double Life of
Alfred Buber,
Sag Harbor, Permanent
Press, 2011 (from
Dactyl  Review)

Schuster, Marc, Interview about The
February 2011

Sellars, Peter, dir. Desdemona, Royal
Flemish Theatre, Brussels, 29 May 2011
Shakespeare en devenir)

Semken, Steve, Soul External:
Rediscovering the Great Blue Heron
, Ice
Cube Press, April 2015 (from
New York
Journal of Books

Sheff, Nic, We All Fall Down, Little, Brown,
2011 (from
New York Journal of Books)

Slatkin, Marcia, A Woman Milking,
Cincinnati, Word Press, 2006 (from

Smith, Curtis, Kurt Vonnegut's
Slaughterhouse-Five: Bookmarked
, New
York, Ig, 2016 (from

Smith, Curtis, Sound + Noise, Casperian
Press, 2007 (from Cercles)

Smullyan, Jacob, Errata, Sagging
Meniscus, 2017 (from
Dactyl Review)

Trevor, William, Love and Summer,
Penguin, 2009 (from
Dactyl Review)

Wolper, Carol., Mr. Famous,
New York,  Riverhead, 2004 (from
On George Saunders

"Machines at Work and Play:
George Saunders and
Pastoral Place," in Poetics
and Politics of Place in
"  Bénédicte
Chorier-Fryd, Charles
Holdefer and Thomas Pughe,
eds., Bern, Switzerland, Peter
Lang, 2015.

Still Kicking: George
Saunders and 'Shadow
Realism,'" Short Fiction in
Theory and Practice
December 2012.

Review of Tenth of
, New York Journal
of Books

On teaching English in

From La Revue française
d'études américaines
Online Essay sampler

"Orwell's Hippopotamus"
in the New England Review

"Junot Diaz and Garrison
Keillor: strange bedfellows
in boosterism" in Thought
Other Criticism

Philip Larkin and the Poetics
of Resistance

co-edited with Andrew McKeown

ISBN 2-7475-9779-2

Paris, L'Harmattan, 2006

"A valuable contribution to the further
development of Larkin studies"

The European English Messenger

"Highly original"

Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad


"I'm an agnostic," the British poet
Philip Larkin (1922-1985) used to say,
"an Anglican agnostic, of course."

What Larkin is resisting in his
writings, how this is a achieved, and
why his texts tend to such complex
ends, are among the questions
explored by the thirteen specialists in
this first thematically-unified volume
of Larkin scholarship published in
novels and stories and more...