Charles Holdefer
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Magic Even You Can Do

"Holdefer is an abundantly gifted,
witty writer. His creation, his
delightful doppelganger Blast,
is a funny, goofy, erudite, Baron
Munchausen of magic….Highly

Genii Magazine

Charles Holdefer, author of Dick
Cheney in Shorts, The Contractor,

Back in the Game, has here
uncovered, with abundant aplomb
and loads of literary-archaeological
legerdemain, a crucial long-lost
manuscript by legendary magician
Blast. This is magic even you can
do, laid out in an easy-to-carry
pocket edition for convenient
reference, sumptuously illustrated
in full color by Royce M. Becker.

Sagging Meniscus
An SPD "Handpicked"
selection for April